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Webcast: Leveraging Salesforce During Obama's Campaign Trail & Beyond

Bluewolf's Senior Consultant, Edward Schlicksup, discusses his lessons learned as the former lead Salesforce Administrator for the Obama For America campaign. Edward shares how Salesforce helped transform the campaign into a successful and well-oiled machine, managing millions of enquiries and growing from a four person startup to the equivalent of a Fortune 500 company in seven months time!

Listen now to see how the (OfA) campaign was able to turn millions of daily enquiries into engagements in real-time using custom applications, Salesforce Chatter, and Salesforce Service Cloud. Additionally, he will discuss how this unique experience has impacted how he now consults, with advice on best practices for managing complex Salesforce® projects—tips that can help you optimize agility, quality, and efficiency within your organization.

Topics covered include: 

  • Importance of speed to market to deliver value
  • Value of multiple iterations within an agile environment
  • Importance of scaling quickly without breaking a sweat
  • Extending the value of the platform with custom applications

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