3 Tips: Your Website as the Engagement Hub

B2B marketing

67% of the Buying Process Happens Before Form Submission

And at least a quarter of all B2B sales cycles take 7 months of more to close 

On average, 5 to 8 stakeholders are involved in B2B purchasing decisions. But often many of these stakeholders may remain anonymous for a majority of the buying process. How will you strategize your marketing indicatives in a personalized and targeted way that is relevant to each unique visitor?

Make your website a key piece of your B2B marketing strategy, using it to deliver personalized, relevant messaging to your target accounts. With this content strategy, develop a way to capture customer activity and act-on it, to further customer engagement. 

Listen in to the Bluewolf & Demandbase webcast to discuss strategies around:

  • Knowing your target customer & what they want
  • Personalizing each customers' experience with your website
  • Capturing and acting on customer web activity 

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