Drive More Media Ad Sales with Bluewolf’s Salesforce Solution for Media.

MediaTrak is a suite of custom CRM solutions specifically designed for media ad sales. The MediaTrak solution for media ad sales enables your media organization to build strong customer relationships and market awareness to drive ad sales success.

MediaTrak leverages the award-winning Platform to allow media companies to track complex relationships between brand, advertiser and agency, providing companies with a 360° view of the media ad sales business.

With Bluewolf MediaTrak you can:

  • Track complex media ad sales relationships between brands, advertisers, agencies, and the people that work with them
  • Leverage the power of’s CRM solution with customized media ad sales specific interface
  • Utilize robust pre-built media-specific reports and dashboards to identify new media ad sales opportunities

We Know Media Ad Sales

Bluewolf understand the process, the workflow and the tools needed to generate a media ad sales advantage.  Bluewolf’s MediaTrak Salesforce solution for media ad sales dramatically simplifies the complexities of advertising sales and insertion order management, increasing the productivity of  your media ad sales organization.

To learn more about Bluewolf MediaTrak media ad sales solutions, contact us.

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