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B2B Social Media: Gamification effort increases Web traffic 100%, employee collaboration 57%


SUMMARY: For B2B marketers, the wealth of knowledge within their company can be a resource for lead generation and industry thought leadership. The trick is tapping into that knowledge and getting it in front of clients and prospects.

One professional services organization harnessed its employees’ knowledge and leveraged social media to encourage engagement and collaboration. It then added a gamification element to ensure those employees were actively involved in the entire program.

This effort doubled website traffic from social media platforms and increased social traffic 20% month-over-month from its launch in January 2012. - by David Kirkpatrick, Reporter


Last week’s MarketingSherpa B2B newsletter article, "Gamification: 6 tactics for B2B marketers," covered one of the more cutting-edge marketing channels. One of those six tactics involved how B2B marketers could use gamification to motivate employees to take a particular action.

This week we are further covering that topic by featuring how a brand-side marketer included gamification in an overall campaign to encourage social sharing and collaboration from its employees.

Bluewolf is a global consulting firm specializing in enterprise agility, and Corinne Sklar, VP of Marketing, faced a challenge getting employees to share knowledge socially and engage in collaboration -- which she felt was an important aspect for lead generation for a consulting company like Bluewolf.

"We have so much amazing knowledge within this organization, across the entire customer lifecycle from Marketing, to Sales, to Quality, to the call center," she said. "But it is kept locked inside the cyber walls of this organization."

Sklar wanted to build thought leaders within the organization and allow that knowledge to spread through the social networks.

"What people buy is the knowledge that these individuals have. They buy our people," Sklar explained.

She added, "They are engaging with Bluewolf for (our employees’) expertise as their trusted advisor. From a marketing perspective, I have the opportunity with the social Web to really open up and build transparency and give our people thought leadership."

The idea was to provide every Bluewolf employee a "megaphone" in social media and to encourage those employees to build their personal brands.

This case study looks at the process that culminated in a gamification effort to accomplish that goal.


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