Bluewolf Sightline

A patented solution that reduces risk, and accelerates innovation with Salesforce.

Bluewolf Sightline is a proprietary lifecycle management tool designed exclusively to support ongoing innovation with Salesforce. It improves both the quality and speed of Salesforce releases so your employees and customers remain engaged, and your business sees measureable results faster.

Sightline helps Salesforce customers:

Drive internal alignment:

Sightline makes it easy for both IT and business stakeholders to collaborate by managing projects inside Salesforce.

Reduce deployment time by as much as 50%:

Sightline increases release speed and efficiency by centrally collecting and packaging release information so changes can easily be made across multiple Salesforce instances.

Improve visibility and traceability of enhancements:

Sightline provides the visibility and traceability needed to control your development processes and follow governance best practices.

Sightline offers a complete innovation framework, including support for:

  • Requirements capture & backlog management
  • Sprint management & monitoring
  • Quality assurance (QA) testing
  • Release planning & management
  • Environmental management
  • System documentation
  • Compliance

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