Are You Customer Obsessed?

68% of unhappy customers leave and never come back. Make sure your company isn’t the one they walk away from. Improve customer retention with Bluewolf CEO Eric Berridge’s latest book Customer Obsessed.

Foreword by Marc Benioff

Business outcomes are the driving force behind customer success

Business outcomes, traditionally bucketed into acquisition, cost savings, retention and expansion, have reemerged as the primary driver of how organizations prioritize strategic initiatives and digital customer experiences. In Customer Obsessed, Eric provides a set of concrete actions you can apply today to achieve better business outcomes at all levels of your organization.

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Culture is the backbone of every organization

How engaged are your employees? A recent Gallup study found only 32% of employees are engaged. Employee culture and customer experience are intimately connected, and the best organizations are investing in technology and processes that make their employees’ lives easier. Building a committed culture is the first step to delivering exceptional experiences; in Customer Obsessed, you'll find a roadmap to help you build that culture. 

Source: Amy Adkins, Employee Engagment in U.S Stagnant in 2015 Gallup, January 13, 2016

Data drives meaningful customer experiences

Data is every company’s greatest challenge and biggest opportunity. Successful business intelligence strategies move beyond capturing data to asking the right questions of the data. Customer Obsessed outlines the steps to overcome data barriers and become data-driven to act on real-time customer insights to provide the best customer experience possible.

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Design defines and shapes the customer experience

Design is every customer-obsessed company’s differentiator and engagement hook. A customer’s minimum expectations are based on their last best experience, so the most successful companies are designing next-level experiences to continuously raise the bar. Learn how to blend design best practices and data insights to create experiences that hook users in without taking them out of the moment.

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