Bluewolf Replicator

Your customer data is vital to your company; protect it with Bluewolf Replicator’s data replication software.

Our Salesforce data replication software does exactly what it's name says it will do: automatic full or partial Salesforce data replication to your back office.

With Bluewolf Salesforce Data Replicator, you will:

  • Increase security. Organizations concerned about data security can use our Replicator Salesforce data replication software to create an archive copy of their Salesforce CRM database.
  • Manage Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.  Bluewolf Replicator,’s data replication solution, ensures that your company can backup your Salesforce CRM data to handle Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
  • Extend capabilities with reporting, forecasting, and scorecards. Use the Bluewolf Replicator data replication solution in conjunction with existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools to gain visibility into orders, opportunities, quotes, regions, or sales pipelines.
  • Access unlimited database snapshots. The Bluewolf Replicator data replication solution allows you to quickly and easily take a snapshot of the exact data desired for replication.
  • Be excited about ease of use. Salesforce data replication tasks are created and managed by Administrators.  Bluewolf Replicator is easy to use and users are typically up and running within an hour.

Bluewolf's agile consulting process and successful experience integrating and implementing Salesforce CRM for thousands of clients led us to create our core Salesforce data integration solutions: Bluewolf Integrator and Bluewolf Replicator.  

To learn more about Bluewolf Integration Solutions for Salesforce CRM, contact us.  

If you are a customer and need support, please submit a case, and we will contact you as soon as possible.  

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