Before Charlie Sheen turned “winning” into the quote-worthy phrase du jour, Bluewolf has been galvanizing a community of women innovators through WIN - the Women Innovators Network.

Until now, WIN’s presence has been felt through its vast social media outlets and annual events on the West Coast. Finally, New York City enjoyed the first-ever East Coast WIN luncheon on Thursday, when 80 of the City’s women leaders across all industries met at the MoMA for networking and a keynote presentation by Tara House, Group Director at The New York Times.

Are you just dying to share the latest Jimmy Kimmel video with your co-workers?  While it might be okay to post it on Facebook, is it okay to post it on Chatter? One of the most common questions we get as Salesforce consultants is “How can we effectively leverage Chatter in our company?”  Here are our 10 do's and dont's for making the most of Salesforce Chatter:

Agile Business Transformation is a paradigm shift from the old process engineering approach to consulting projects. Agile Business Transformation leverages the idea that business is all about evolution, and embraces it by breaking processes down into iterative, manageable projects. The focus is on resolving pains rather than the “rip and replace” approach. It focuses on quickly implementing the new process and supporting technology to continually take advantage of innovation. This process of iteratively evolving your business always continues.

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Cloud computing started with virtualization - "software machines within hardware machines”.

By Guest Blogger: Jim Williams, Director of Product Marketing, Eloqua

While companies from various industries and sizes continue to adopt marketing automation, there is a new business category on the minds of sales and marketing professionals. It’s a unique strategy designed to help manage a company’s interactions with buyers through the entire purchase process to enable more predictable, rapid and profitable revenue growth. It’s called Revenue Performance Management (RPM).

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Takeaway: The commercialization of IT has brought with it a multitude of challenges. But rather than fight the changes, some experts recommend embracing them.


As you know, Google has made waves with its recent loss of 40,000 email accounts. Though they’ve now been fully restored, the incident has left a huge question mark over the cloud as people ask, “Is my data safe?” This question is all the more pertinent to the countless businesses leveraging the cloud for mission critical data.

In today’s world of company staffing, a sizable cultural gap exists between the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who dominate management, and the up-and-coming Gen Yers and Millenials who dominate the way things are done. While Boomers have been able to adapt to the many game-changing technologies over the course of their careers, social media’s impact on the way we do business has left much of the graying workforce scratching their heads.


Have you heard of Revenue Performance Management? Eloqua's CEO, Joe Payne, unveiled the concept of Revenue Performance Management (RPM) at Eloqua's annual conference in San Francisco this past November. The full explanation is in Eloqua’s recent White Paper titled Revenue Performance Management: Re-Engineering The Revenue Cycle.


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