At Bluewolf, our mission is to help organizations maintain their competitive edge by allowing you to offload the management of your systems to our operating systems experts. Bluewolf remote sys admin consultants support, maintain and perform the day-to-day duties that keep your system healthy.

Salesforce isn’t just another CRM application; it’s a major investment. Bluewolf understands this. Bluewolf is a Premier Partner. Thousands of Salesforce customers have relied on Bluewolf to successfully maximize the value they receive from their Salesforce application. With its Blueprint service, Bluewolf works with your company from the beginning to help your company develop its vision of a successful CRM implementation. We then give you a plan and the tools to turn that vision into reality.

Bluewolf’s Sales Effectiveness Blueprint is like adding a second Chief Sales Officer (CSO) to your team. Whether you simply want a second opinion on a strategic decision about your sales team, you want to “tune-up” existing sales processes or systems to improve results or you want to completely redesign your sales organization and how you go to market, Bluewolf is there- on demand.

Bluewolf’s Replicator automatically replicates all or part of your Salesforce data to your back office, creating a secure, ongoing archive that can be used stand alone, in conjunction with other business intelligence systems, to deliver advanced reporting and forecasting capabilities, or to comply with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Empower your teams with speed and agility by arming them with a solution that allows them to generate and move RFPs forward quickly and error free. PolicyTrak gives you the ability to improve cross functional collaboration and productivity with a tailored solution focused on the specific needs of managing complex policies.

MediaTrak ClientManager enables media organizations to build strong customer relationships and market awareness to drive ad sales success. ClientManager leverages the award-winning Platform to empower media companies to track complex relationships between brand, advertiser and agency, providing them a 360° view of the business.


At Bluewolf we iterate. When you choose Bluewolf’s Integration solutions, you don’t purchase features and functionalities-you choose integration success. That is why we offer Integration-as-a-Service, so you can focus on your success -not the technology.

Bluewolf’s Agile approach provides the strategy and implementation plan
to enhance the customer experience from call center to the Social Web and
everything in between.




Bluewolf’s Customer Care Offering Includes:

Only Bluewolf brings over a decade of best practices to every project and guarantee its success. Our world-class portfolio proves our ability to match our Agile methodology with unparalleled vision. From demand generation to closed sales, channel effectiveness to customer care, Bluewolf helps clients attain efficient, responsible business performance gaining the label of tomorrow’s business standard.


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