Bob Furniss
Where Are You on the Knowledge Continuum?
Call center knowledge management

Knowledge management (KM) is important in any organization—but in the call center, it's crucial. See where you fall in knowledge management sophistication with the Knowledge Continuum.

Betsy Wells
Seven Benefits of Integration

See the multiple benefits of integrating your web conferencing and webinars with

Steve Faris
The ROI of Cloud Governance
Cloud Governance ROI

See six ways governing your cloud solution will bring significant returns to organization.

Bob Furniss
Is Your Contact Center Living Up to Customer Expectations?
Salesforce Service Cloud

A major focus in the contact center is shifting from measuring the costs to service customers—to the need to provide an exceptional customer experience. Improving your ‘experienced’ brand and the quality of every interaction are critical drivers for growth. Cloud-based technologies offer advantages and opportunities toward developing more sophisticated and responsive business processes, all aimed at improving revenue and customer loyalty.  

Corinne Sklar
The Desktop is Dead—How to Get your Sales Team Mobile
mobile applications

How many sales directors want their field sales people sitting in an office on their computer? Zero. It's time to take your sales solutions mobile.

Kat Aumrin
Five Tips to Make Your Next Meeting More Efficient
boring meetings

A meeting can be a useful tool for collaboration, or a waste of everyone's time. Make the most of your next team meeting with these five tips for meeting success.

Eric Berridge
Reinventing the CIO as the Chief Interaction Officer
Chief Interaction Officer

The role of the CIO is changing. No longer just a custodian of information, CIO's must focus on harnessing technologies for interaction.

Amber O'Neill
Engage Your Salespeople, Engage Your Customers, Boost Your Bottom Line
Customer engagement

The results are in: more engage salespeople = more engaged customers = increased sales. See three ways to increase sales team engagement.

Bob Furniss
Telephony and CRM: A Perfect Cloud-based Match
Cloud telephony CRM

In the contact center, the customer is king. Ensure an excellent customer experience with the latest cloud-based solutions.

Kat Aumrin
Sales Data: Drilling Down Without Getting Lost

It's easy to get lost in the wild world of sales data. Here's how to make sure you're getting the most from your metrics:



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