Bob Furniss
Contact Centers: Choose Your CRM Solution Wisely
Contact center CTI CRM solution

How do you ensure your customer service agent is getting the right information at the right time?

Jennifer Igartua
How to Retain More Customers by Giving Them Subscription Options
Email Subscription Center

How to decrease database attrition and maintain a happy customer base by employing a subscription management center.

Patrick Bulacz
Five Insights from Successful Mobile Initiatives
Mobile Business Apps

Five ways to ensure your mobile iniative will be a success.

Edward Schlicksup
Inside the Salesforce MVP Summit 2013

Get the inside scoop from the most recent Salesforce MVP Summit, San Francisco.

Carmelo Andronaco
Highlights from the Salesforce Winter 14 Release
Salesforce Winter 14

Winter is coming! Time to get inside and snuggle up. No need for a fire, just get a copy of the Salesforce Winter 14 release notes, there are plenty of fireworks to keep you warm. Here is a quick guide outlining some of the key features that could help your organisation make the most of the updates. These functional updates can help improve efficiency and keep your organisation ahead of the pack.

Sara Rohlfing
Enhancing Customer Experience with E-Signature Solutions
Adobe EchoSign Salesforce

Innovative organizations are utilizing e-signature technologies to streamline their workflows, and provide a seamless signature experience. See how integrated e-signature solutions can enhance your customer experience at the Bluewolf Engagement Squared Summit, Boston.

Matt Thompson
Career Lessons from a Beer Garden

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, even from a beer garden in Highland, Indiana. This summer I was reminded why I love my job, and how I stay so satisfied with my career. Try implementing these five principles into your day-to-day to keep progressing with your career and stay fulfilled.

Andrew Gross
Five Tips for Dreamforce First-Timers and Sophomores
Dreamforce 2013

It's important to come to Dreamforce with a plan. With every year bigger and better than the last, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Follow these handy tips to make the most of your Dreamforce 2013 experience.

Bob Furniss
Where Are You on the Knowledge Continuum?
Call center knowledge management

Knowledge management (KM) is important in any organization—but in the call center, it's crucial. See where you fall in knowledge management sophistication with the Knowledge Continuum.

Betsy Wells
Seven Benefits of Integration

See the multiple benefits of integrating your web conferencing and webinars with



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