Retail’s Hottest IT Jobs in 2012: Industry Spotlight Blog Series

POSTED BY Cassie Hrushesky

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Technology has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Specifically, the development and growth of Social, Mobile and Cloud Technologies have led to rapid disruption in the retail industry, transforming the way customers shop and purchase. In our IT Salary Guide, we've tracked the top 3 retail technology positions in greatest demand in 2012 and their salaries.

1. Front End Developers: $62,000 - $104,000: With the substantial increase in online shopping, web design have seen a face lift in Retail resulting in the increase in their IT Salaries. The user interface, design and experience and all basic Front End Development have become extremely important to retailers.

John Deines concludes from attending the 2012 Internet Retail Web Design conference:

Branding plays a crucial role in driving loyal repeat customers and encouraging first time shoppers to make a purchase. Since so many shoppers (56% of total online shopping) are doing research before converting, having a brand that is unique and memorable [online] will push customers to the first purchase and drive loyalty.

2.  Mobile Developers: $101,000- $115,000ComScore’s recent study on Retail mobile technology and our 2012 IT Salary Guide both found the rapid increase in mobile application, from Apple- iPhone and iPad, Android, and HTML5.

Kat Sutton, an Retail Senior Sales Account Director at Bluewolf, gives her insight:

Within the last year I’ve seen substantial and continued growth in the mobile space in Retail. The demand to purchase anything at anytime results in the direct increase in mobile application developers on all fronts. Also the use of mobile applications within the brick and mortar stores are becoming a huge sweet spot for retailers. Store employees are using tablets or iPhone to check customers out or search and locate additional merchandise.

3.  BI Developers: $108,000 - $121,000: With the rapid growth of social media and website traffic in retail, industry experts have realized that they must develop systems to track their data and records. As a result, there has been an increased need for BI Developers to streamline tracking, dashboards and data quality using SAP Business Objects and MicroStrategy as big players this year.

Retail CIO discuss BI demands at the NRFtech IT Leadership Summit:

...Converting all stores to the same platform would ignore the distinct customer preferences that are an important part of the checkout process. But while it’s not as simple, CIOs agreed that business intelligence can still be applied across multiple systems to provide strong analytics for senior executives to achieve a holistic understanding of company performance.

Learn more about Industry specific technology in our 2012 IT Salary Guide. Over the next couple of weeks, follow our Industry Blog Series to learn how IT infrastructures vary per industry. Stay tuned next week to learn how IT in Media has grown and changed over the past year. 

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