Growth of Cloud Drives Business Transformation Outcomes in France


In our annual State of Salesforce report, we found that over the coming year, investments in digital customer experiences and communities will grow more than 230%. This means that brands must focus on driving engagement through superior customer experiences in order to drive and sustain business growth.

Europe is Bluewolf’s fastest growing market, with particular focus in France. Our growth rate in the French market is indicative of an overall industry growth of cloud solutions that support a shift towards a customer-centric business strategy, through streamlining business processes by integrating more flexible technologies. Indeed, at the Salesforce1 Tour in Paris last month, Marc Benioff’s keynote addressed the notion that the “Internet of Things” is really the “Internet of Customers” in which everything and everyone is connected. He emphasises that behind every connection — across mobile, social, and web — there is a customer. This pronounced emphasis upon customer engagement as essential, not elective, speaks to the direction of growth towards which the French market is headed. As Benioff explicitly stated in his keynote, in order to achieve success in France, it’s imperative that the customer is in charge. The key to success is to make the customer successful and support an integrated digital experience across all channels.

Benioff anticipates building a billion dollar business in France. We agree and are seeing a tremendous growth of customer-centric cloud solutions in the region. As a leader in the implementation ecosystem, as named by IDC MarketScape, Bluewolf is well-equipped to drive and support this growth in France. We’re partnering with global leaders to transform customer experiences in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, and retail, as presented onstage at the Salesforce1 World Tour in Paris.

Bluewolf is committed to driving sustainable and lasting business results for our clients with more flexible reach and implementation in local contexts — with the ultimate goal of supporting a global growth business strategy. Our recent partnership with ITBconsult, an award-winning German consultancy, further extends our capabilities into Europe — specifically, into the new and fast-growing DACH market.

Business viability and success are dependent on customers' engagement with brands. Being what Bluewolf calls “customer obsessed” spans across all industries, and all geographies. With presence already in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific, Bluewolf is excited to help our clients engage with their customers on a global scale to accelerate business results. Cloud is an essential part to such business transformations.

As we continue to expand globally, Bluewolf is excited to partner with French leaders across all industries in producing extraordinary customer moments that differentiate them from competitors. In today's hyper-connected world, delivering frictionless and personalised customer experiences is the key to business transformation outcomes, and Bluewolf is ready to help the French region achieve this. To connect with Bluewolf, please contact us.


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