Michael Tauscher
Behind the Scenes: The Making of The State of Salesforce Report

The State of Salesforce is the focal point of the year for our corporate marketing team, representing the culmination of months of planning, data analysis, design, and promotion.

In this edition of our Behind the Scenes series, we take a look at how we constructed this year's survey, the design process, and our strategy for promoting the report across all of our channels.

Andrew Biernat
3 Expert Tips to Get the Most From Salesforce Lightning Experience
Salesforce Lightning Experience

Today, Salesforce debuted Lightning Experience, an overhauled interface that features an improved UI and integrated analytics. Described by Salesforce as “the biggest change in 15 years”, Lightning Experience is available in preview now, and will make its official debut in the upcoming Winder ‘16 release. In addition to introducing changes aimed at improving the user experience by decoupling Salesforce data from the interface, Lightning Experience represents important shifts for the future of Salesforce.

Erin Pendleton
A CEO’s perspective: Learn to boost Profitability at Dreamforce Super Session

With Dreamforce only four weeks away, I decided to sit down with our CEO, Eric Berridge, to chat about his upcoming super session and his advice for attendees for first timers and seasoned veterans alike.

EP: Your super session explores the impact of culture and employee engagement in shaping an organization. Can you expand on that and give us a preview?

Jolene Chan
Embracing Change: Lessons Learned from Stanford Graduate School of Business
Embrace Change

Embrace change to empower your organization: lessons learned from an unforgettable sabbatical. 

Sarah McCoy
Mentorship: A Key Ingredient to Foster Gender Diversity in Your Organization
Women Innovator Network

Gender diversity is a business imperative that builds stronger teams and increases performance. But how do we ensure that gender diversity in our organizations? Especially seeing as, according to the Center For American Progress’ fact sheet, women in information technology hold only nine percent of management positions.

Nicholas Ronzino
Bluewolf partners with VetForce to turn U.S. veterans into Salesforce-certified professionals
Vetforce training

Running a business should impact more than just the local and global economies. Companies have a corporate social responsibility to give back to their communities, and, at Bluewolf, our extraordinary employees make this our priority. 

In response to the growing talent gap of technical skills training, an initiative we’re particularly passionate about is creating equal job opportunities in the tech community. One of the biggest scarcities in the cloud is the ready supply of Salesforce-certified professionals: administrators, developers, and business analysts.

Michael Tauscher
Dig into Your Data to Boost Sales Performance
accelerate sales

How can data science help identify top prospects and accelerate the sales cycle?

Eric Berridge
Improve outcomes by connecting the employee and customer experience
Employee experience

Satisfying customer expectations each and every time determines whether today’s businesses rise or fall. To rise, enterprises not only need to maximize the customer experience, but also shift their focus to employee engagement.

Melody Benteler
3 ways Project Teams Can Get More Value from Salesforce Chatter
Boost Collaboration

At Bluewolf, we like to drink champagne. Especially our own champagne. For example, we use Chatter daily to get quick answers and to collaborate with Pack members worldwide, so we encourage our customers to do the same. In fact, we recommend using Chatter as soon as a project kicks off to boost visibility and collaboration — this way, we can ensure that the project runs smoothly by keeping stakeholders in-sync each step of the way. Here are our top recommendations to get more value from Chatter:

Jonathan Staley
IT's Biggest Barrier to Innovation — And 3 Steps to Overcome It
IT Barrier

Today, IT Directors have a unique ability to impact revenue growth. 88% of sales teams at leading companies use BI or analytics tools to access customer data and grow their numbers, according to Bluewolf’s survey of over 1,000 Salesforce customers. But if data is duplicated, inaccurate, or housed in many unintegrated systems, access to data breaks down and the whole company suffers.



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