Elizabeth McBain
Behind the Scenes: How To Build & Optimize Lead Scoring Programs
Lead Scoring

Bluewolf Marketing is taking you behind the scenes for a glimpse into our internal processes and activities. We hope to inspire your team, and share tactical tips and takeaways to help our community become better marketers.

Eric Berridge
Gender Diversity Is Not a ‘Plus’ — It’s a Business Imperative
Gender Diversity

During last week’s InsideSales.com user conference in Salt Lake City, I joined a panel to discuss “Women in the Workplace.” Corporate America is buzzing about this topic and it’s reaching a serious pitch in the Silicon Valley, as data continues to show inequity of opportunity and women file sexual harassment suits against Kleiner Perkins, Facebook, and others. 

Dan Osborne
Modernizing Government to Bridge The Citizen Experience Gap
Bridge citizen engagement gap

People today expect exceptional service — timely and personal — from their experiences as customers of commercial organizations. Likewise, as citizens, their expectation for the same quality of service extends to government departments and agencies. Yet the vast majority of government agencies are unable to satisfy this expectation, resulting in the citizen experience gap.

Elena Lee
4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Lifecycle with Quote-to-Cash
Customer Lifecycle

Bill Gates once said, “How can we keep the customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this, because if we don’t, somebody else will.” But how do organizations create customer loyalty in the era of easy access to information and highly competitive options? The short answer: engage customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Bel Gu
Reach Your Maximum Sales Velocity, Live from IS Accelerate ’15
Accelerate Sales

Businesses today can get closer to customers than ever before. Analytics are more dynamic, mobile workforces are more empowered, and business intelligence tools are equipping innovative organizations to supercharge revenue. What are leading organizations doing to capitalize on opportunities in this new sales paradigm?

Patrick Bulacz
What the Apple Watch Means for Salesforce Customers
Apple Watch Salesforce

The announcement of the new Apple Watch — particularly its compatibility with Salesforce — has created a significant amount of buzz around wearables in the enterprise.

While there will certainly be executives who want their company’s key dashboards on their wrist, they are a relatively small segment. Wearables have a  much larger potential user base. Here is the conversation we are having with our clients about wearables for the enterprise:

Eric Berridge
Predicting the future: Customer-driven innovation
Customer-Driven Innovation

Propelling innovation through a customer-driven lens is essential to provide lasting value and inspiring customer loyalty.

Bel Gu
Predictive Intelligence Takes Marketers One Step Closer To True Personalization
Predictive Marketing

Today’s launch of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Predictive Decisions means it is now easier than ever for marketers to capitalize on their exponentially expanding data and embrace a new paradigm of customer engagement.

What’s in this new customer engagement paradigm? A marketer’s nirvana: true one-to-one personalization throughout the customer journey.

Mark Forman
Investment in Knowledge Yields The Best ROI — Salesforce Is No Exception
Salesforce Training

Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."  We couldn’t agree more — especially when it comes to Salesforce. Only through a deep understanding of its capabilities as well as limitations can you utilize it to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. Yet building knowledge requires time and effort. My advice for reaping the opportunities Salesforce affords: invest in your own mastery.

Deandra Tan
Marketo's February Release: Security & Real-Time Personalization Enhancements
Marketo February Release

Marketo’s updates for February are short and sweet: better security and enhancements to their Real-Time Personalization platform. While they plan to release more information following this release, the product team has already hinted in their January notes that we can expect some big changes in the coming months.



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