AJ Bellarosa
Your Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Connections 2015

Get the most of your experience at the digital marketing event of the year.

Marissa Sitka
Inspire Employee Engagement — Learn to Truly Elevate Talent

Take a moment to reflect on the managers you’ve had so far in your career. Think about the best manager you’ve had, or that one terrible manager. What stood out to you about him or her? Your experience working with different managers directly impacts your performance and your personal investment in a company.

Starr Ruiz
Innovation in Progress At Bluewolf's Rep Rides Summit
Rep Rides Summit

At Bluewolf, we have abundant rhetoric around employee engagement and market differentiation through the lens of providing lasting value for our clients. Last week, we proved that we walk the walk.

We hosted our internal Rep Rides Summit in Miami, aggregating 38 Pack members from three continents to incubate a revolutionary offering aimed at helping our clients accelerate business outcomes. 

Bel Gu
How Leading Companies Achieve Marketing & Service Alignment — Part II
Marketing Service Alignment

In the first installment of this two part series, I defined the growing need for leading organizations to engage customers across the entire lifecycle. Two of our practice leads, Tom Gaydos and Bob Furniss, gave their thoughts on how to successfully align Marketing and Service to drive customer engagement at every touchpoint.

Michelle Parker
We're Proud to be named A Worldwide Leader In Salesforce Ecosystem in New IDC MarketScape Report
IDC MarketScape

Working on Bluewolf’s corporate marketing team is fast paced. Everyday, our team of 20 works on building content, executing campaigns and events, and evangelizing our company to the press — all on a global stage. These external facing efforts surround me and fuel my creativity, but the heart of my work lies behind the scenes.

Caryn Fried
Using Feedback to Nurture Employee Growth

I believe the ultimate goal of providing feedback is to foster growth. If it’s anything else, don't even bother! I see feedback as the essential nutrient that nurtures growth. It is an ongoing exchange of information that steers our interpersonal relations, breaks down performance barriers, and builds upon teamwork and productivity. Feedback improves self-awareness, allowing for self-reflection through others’ perception. Through feedback, we can gain a more dynamic and multi-faceted understanding of ourselves — spurring honest dialogue amongst employees to help each other grow. 

Eric Berridge
Data science leads the customer engagement revolution
Data Science

The big data revolution gained significant momentum in 2014, amassing to an incomprehensible amount of data: a zettabyte in just the past two years. Yet the revolution that is under way is not in the unprecedented quantity of data accumulated, but in the way in which intelligence is derived from that wealth of information.

Saleema Fazal
Behind the Scenes: How Bluewolf Tracks Campaign Influence
Campaign Influence

Actionable analytics are indispensable for an effective marketing team. At Bluewolf, we hold a meeting called "Metric Mondays" every — you guessed it — Monday, during which we discuss our lead funnel and examine metrics related to each stage, including conversions of marketing-driven inquiries to opportunities. We’ve been able to track our inquires all the way through the funnel to gain visibility into our top performing campaigns, and, in turn, better inform our future marketing investments.

Deandra Tan
Marketo's April Release Features Enhanced Integrations & Spruced Up UI
Marketo April Release

Gathering steam from the March release, Marketo’s April release continues to expand the platform’s integrations with third-party apps, while delivering further improvements to the UI.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Shane Sugino
Higher Ed Salesforce Community — If You Build It, Will They Come?
Higher Ed Communities

Contrary to "Field of Dreams," if you build it, they may not come. Learn four critical steps to drive constituent engagement in your higher ed community.



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