Eric Berridge
Understanding Customers As People, Not Transactions
CEO magazine

Today, the power of shaping brand experiences has shifted to the customer — they drive the sales process and dictate when, where, and on which channels to interact with your brand. Leadership needs to shift with this change, as digital disruption and increasing customer expectations are forcing organizations to compete on the basis of customer engagement to scale. If companies want to accelerate growth and achieve business outcomes, they need to know their customers as people, not transactions, and work to develop a culture that empowers employees to drive deeper engagement.

AJ Bellarosa
Apple Pay and ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Opens World of Marketing Possibilities
apple pay

Tuesday was an exciting day for digital marketers. For the first time in the history of the digital age, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase products at the point of sale using a watch. I couldn’t help but imagine the marketing possibilities this brings, given the amount of data the Apple Pay technology will produce in the near future.

Eric Berridge
Salesforce Community Cloud: The Next Big Enabler of Customer Engagement

Investments in digital experiences and communities are expected to skyrocket to more than 230 percent. Rapid growth like this rarely goes unnoticed, as is the case with’s newest Community Cloud.

Taleb Shkoukani
Marketo's August 2014 Release Expands on New Features
Marketo Calendar

Check out these Marketo updates to user permissions, email deliverability, and program management — and don’t forget to assign your five free Marketing Calendar licenses by September 5th.

Saleema Fazal
Closed-Loop Reporting: Driving Adoption on Your Sales Team
closed loop reporting

The influx of marketing automation tools nowadays selling their ability to show "Closed Loop Reporting" marks marketers' growing emphasis upon proving value. These metrics are the holy grail for any marketing department, as ROI is ultimately what matters. I wish I could say that getting to the holy grail of metrics is a breeze (as it is sometimes portrayed to be by product companies).

Cassie Hrushesky
Lead Nurturing Tips: Building a Successful Content Strategy
lead nurture content strategy

In my previous post in this lead nuture blog series, I introduced lead nurturing as a means to build relationships and trust with your prospects and contacts in a way that is consistent and relevant to their needs and interests. In this installment, I will delve into tips for building an engaging content strategy.

Chris Newton
Getting Started with Advocate Marketing and Online Customer Reviews
Customer Advocate Marketing

Customer engagement begins the moment a prospective client spots a mention of your company on social media, or hears about your product from a peer in their industry. Potential buyers are actively listening to what your current customers have to say, and, like many things in life, first impressions count.

Samantha Lang
Three Key Reasons to Integrate Customer Feedback and CRM
customer feedback

All eyes are on the customer. Finally, it seems, experts, execs, and analysts agree that engaged, loyal customers are the foundation of a successful business.

Bob Furniss
Avoid Implementation Potholes on Your Path to Cloud Telephony
cloud telephony

There was a time in the not too distant past when early adopters of contact center technology were beginning to consider Cloud Telephony. But that is no longer the case today; premise-based telephony is becoming more and more expensive, while cloud-based systems are able to provide a completely new level of reporting and functionality.

If you're not already using it, you're falling short of the key benefits Cloud Telephony provides, as shown in the image below — perhaps the most important benefit is the ability to locate agents anywhere.



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