Shane Sugino
Higher Ed Salesforce Community — If You Build It, Will They Come?
Higher Ed Communities

Contrary to "Field of Dreams," if you build it, they may not come. Learn four critical steps to drive constituent engagement in your higher ed community.

Jolene Chan
Demystifying Customer Journey Marketing At CMO Summit U.S.
CMO Summit

Customer expect a personalized and consistent experience with brands, across channels and departments. As enterprises race to deliver those seamless digital customer experiences, they’re realizing that technology only takes them part of the way. Instead, understanding how a customer interacts with your brand and making the most of “customer moments” at every touchpoint drives deeper engagement and repeat business.

Bel Gu
How Leading Companies Achieve Marketing & Service Alignment

Marketing and sales alignment is a well-trod topic. But what are leading organizations doing to align marketing and service?

Shane Sugino
A Higher Ed Perspective: I’m Live on Salesforce — Now What?
Ongoing Salesforce Innovation

Reap long term benefits from your Salesforce investment — establish an innovation cadence in your institution.

Elizabeth McBain
Behind the Scenes: How To Build & Optimize Lead Scoring Programs
Lead Scoring

Bluewolf Marketing is taking you behind the scenes for a glimpse into our internal processes and activities. We hope to inspire your team, and share tactical tips and takeaways to help our community become better marketers.

Eric Berridge
Gender Diversity Is Not a ‘Plus’ — It’s a Business Imperative
Gender Diversity

During last week’s user conference in Salt Lake City, I joined a panel to discuss “Women in the Workplace.” Corporate America is buzzing about this topic and it’s reaching a serious pitch in the Silicon Valley, as data continues to show inequity of opportunity and women file sexual harassment suits against Kleiner Perkins, Facebook, and others. 

Dan Osborne
Modernizing Government to Bridge The Citizen Experience Gap
Bridge citizen engagement gap

People today expect exceptional service — timely and personal — from their experiences as customers of commercial organizations. Likewise, as citizens, their expectation for the same quality of service extends to government departments and agencies. Yet the vast majority of government agencies are unable to satisfy this expectation, resulting in the citizen experience gap.



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