Laurent Dupuytout
Growth of Cloud Drives Business Transformation Outcomes in France
business transformation

In our annual State of Salesforce report, we found that over the coming year, investments in digital customer experiences and communities will grow more than 230%. This means that brands must focus on driving engagement through superior customer experiences in order to drive and sustain business growth.

James Otton
4 Defining Service Cloud Features That Drive Customer Satisfaction
Customer Engagement

During my recent move to a new apartment in Brooklyn, I gained first-hand insight into the real-world impact of Salesforce Service Cloud through interactions with customer service teams. Specifically, I was able to gage that my connections with a company dramatically depended upon the experience they provided for customers.

Amber O'Neill
5 Ways Insurance Providers Are Harnessing Innovation with Cloud Solutions
Insurance in the Cloud

More than ever before, customers are empowered to own the buying process. Their expectations of insurance providers far exceed transactional policy updates and coverage information. To engage the modern always-on customer, insurance providers, agents, and brokers must all provide a personalized experience with overwhelming convenience, and a consistent cadence of innovative offerings and services.

Fortunately, smart technology solutions can help insurers adapt quickly to this ever-changing environment by building agility into the enterprise.

Kevin Schmidt
Bluewolf’s Corporate Social Responsibility in Action at Family House
corporate social responsibility

See how Bluewolf's Corporate Social Responsibility program impacts children and families at Family House.

Cassie Hrushesky
Customer Lifecycle Marketing Creates Brand Advocates
Customer Obsession Marketing

At times, marketing can be seen solely as a lead-generation machine. But the reality is that marketing must also be a key player in maintaining the customer relationship throughout the lifecycle. Even the most savvy of marketers can slip into a post-sales lag in marketing efforts, thereby letting their relationship with a newly acquired customer fade after a sale is made.

Corinne Sklar
The CMO and CIO: a new powerhouse for digital transformation

CMOs and CIOs must work together to deliver compelling customer experiences. Here's how they can work in harmony.

Mark Forman
Jumpstart Your Career With Salesforce Certification Training
Salesforce Certification Training

Companies all over the world are looking for professionals who can customize and administer Salesforce Orgs. Yet with the demand for Salesforce professionals growing faster than the supply, many organizations are having difficulty finding them. To capitalize on this opportunity, becoming a Salesforce Certified professional will help to position your skillset as valuable and in-demand to these companies.

Greg Bistany
6 Key Service Cloud Features to Enhance Agent Productivity
service cloud agent

Your company has decided to implement the Service Cloud platform, but you’re still trying to determine which functionalities should be prioritized during the configuration process. It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the Service Cloud implementation guide, which walks through all the functionality included in the Service Cloud platform.

Eric Berridge
Proud to Partner with ITBconsult on Expansion into Germany
ITB Partnership

Bluewolf is proud to announce global partnership with ITBconsult for German expansion.

Arlene Wherrett
Deliver Consistent Multi-Channel Communication: The Merge of Service & Marketing

Delivering on a customer’s expectations is no longer discretionary — in today’s hyperconnected global marketplace, it has become an indispensable necessity for any business. However, while tweeting back to a customer may seem simple, delivering a truly frictionless customer experience is anything but.



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