Laurent Dupuytout
"Where Is My Suitcase?" Quality Customer Service Prevents Travel Misadventure

Who hasn’t dreamed of going on a trip to ring in the New Year and celebrating the stroke of midnight from the other end of the world? For many years, I've wanted to do it big with a trip to Bali. I’ve heard so much about the magic of the island, and ultimately, the prospect of three weeks at the beach could not be refused.

Deandra Tan
Marketo's January Release: What Does It Mean For Your 2015 Marketing Roadmap?

The January release makes significant headway in engaging with audiences on mobile and social.

Steve Faris
Which Cloud is Best: Public, Private, or Hybrid?

Hybrid cloud is a term often used by infrastructure as a service (IaaS) vendors, like Microsoft (Azure), VMware (vCloud), and Google (Compute Engine), to describe how a company takes advantage of both private and public cloud capabilities. In this arrangement, private cloud is used to host enterprise applications inside the corporate firewall, while public cloud is used to host enterprise applications on a publicly available platform. So which option is best? 

Quentin Lamare
7 Steps Towards an Effective Customer Journey

Times are challenging for companies aiming for higher customer satisfaction — customers have never had so many ways to express themselves about brands, products, and services. Unprecedented growth of communication technologies make it difficult for companies to clearly visualize and handle the flow of customer communications and sentiment that are spreading on the web. 

Seema Jain
Why Customer Experience (CX) Mapping is Critical For Customer Engagement

With the new year upon us, businesses in every industry are plotting creative strategies to engage their customers. But what exactly does it take to develop loyalty, foster long-term relationships, and keep customers consistently engaged? In our view, it’s delivering memorable customer moments to create streamlined, consistent, and exceptional experiences.

Bel Gu
For Marketers By Marketers: The 5 Best Campaigns of 2014

As marketers, we need inspiration to do great work. At Bluewolf, we don’t spend our time waiting for epiphanies to strike. Instead, our pursuit of inspiration is built into our team’s process — we dedicate part of our weekly metrics meeting to share and discuss standout creative work we’ve encountered.

Our team kicks off each week by reviewing key metrics and chewing on creative ideas brought to the table. Innovative video ad? Let’s watch it. Cool mix-media web page? Let’s have a browse. Savvy social engagement tactic? Let’s explore.

Bel Gu
Our Best Blogs of 2014 — Digital Disruption, Business Intelligence & More

2014 has been a remarkable year. Market change and disruption has taken hold of every industry, forcing companies to innovate at a greater pace than ever before. The rise of cloud, mobile, and social technologies have derailed traditional market barriers, making way for forward-thinking companies to capitalize on new opportunities to engage their modern customers.

Eric Berridge
5 Business Resolutions CEOs MUST Keep in 2015

Resolutions: easy to make, hard to keep. But as digital expectations rise, companies need to resolve to take action to truly satisfy employee and customer demands. Leading enterprises recognize that employee and customer experience is paramount to creating deep engagement and driving business success. As the lines between B2B and B2C experiences converge, users expect the same seamless, personal, and relevant cross-channel experiences in their professional lives and their personal lives. 

Jonathan Staley
3 Reasons Salesforce Forecasts Are Inaccurate — And Strategies to Fix Them

Only 49% of salespeople believe their company’s sales forecast to be accurate, according to Bluewolf’s survey of more than 1,000 Salesforce customers.

Shocking? Probably not to anyone who has ever bore the responsibility of their company’s forecast.

We've outlined three reasons forecasts are inaccurate — and the strategies to fix them: 

Deandra Tan
All You Need To Know About Marketo's December Release

Marketo’s December release delivers a stream of new features just in time for the holidays. Some, like the enhancements to the Real-Time Personalization platform, are too specialized to affect most Marketo customers. Others, however, like improvements to Marketo’s workspaces, will have an immediate impact on Marketo's user experience.

Here are the highlights from the release — and what these new enhancements mean for you. 



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