Brendan Le Thuaut
Apple Watch Opens Possibilities For Customer Insight: A User Report
Apple Watch

Employee engagement is central to an organization’s success — that’s how we feel at Bluewolf. As part of our digital and business transformation projects, I have been lucky enough to receive and test the Apple Watch over the past few months. While the wearable tech segment of the Internet of Things is rapidly growing, with Salesforce leading the wave of companies to explore wearable capabilities, I have been thinking about how the Apple Watch can influence the way we create customer moments. Here are my takeaways distilled from my first two months of use:

Viji Iyer
Feedback that Matters: 5 Key Steps Towards Constructive Conversations
constructive feedback

Imagine this: you finish presenting for a big client meeting, and your manager steers you aside to say,”I have some feedback for you about your presentation.” What might be your first instinctive thought? For most, I’d imagine it being along the lines of, “OK! ...What is it?” or even “Uh-oh, what did I do wrong this time?”

Erin Pendleton
3 Leading Tactics to Drive Customer Intimacy: Insights From Connections 2015
Customer Intimacy

As thousands of marketers congregated at Salesforce Connections last week, new features of the Marketing Cloud platform drove buzzworthy conversations. Yet what I found most interesting wasn’t the expanded technological capabilities, but the unique ways companies are leveraging said technology to get closer than ever to their customers.

Holly Gage
3 Marketing Trends You Need to Prioritize: Insights from Connections 2015
Salesforce Connections 2015

Last week, marketers from around the globe gathered at Salesforce Connections in New York to shape the future of digital marketing. Companies in various markets and industries are finding new ways to leverage technology to get closer to their customers.

We've distilled three of the top conversations from the event, and broken down what they mean for your marketing initiatives.

Bel Gu
The New B2B Business Imperative: Simple IT to Support Field Sales Efficiency
Unlocking Simplicity

The days of closing deals from the office several days or weeks after a prospect agrees to a general proposal are over. The modern B2B salesperson is in the field, and the applications that support them need to be, too.

Alexander Dulski
Salesforce's Summer ‘15 Release Hones in on Customer Success

It’s that time of the year again; the Salesforce annual summer release has made a big splash with its focus of turning insights into action with the customer success platform. For those who don’t want to dig through the full release notes that contain more than features, we’ve distilled the most exciting features on Analytics, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to help you cut through the noise and reap full benefits from the new features:

Bob Furniss
5 Most Influential Trends in Customer Service: Insights From ICMI's Contact Center Expo and Conference
Customer Service

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo and Conference in Orlando. It was an extremely rewarding experience to interact with leaders of contact centers for some of the best brands in the world.

After the conference, several people have asked me, “What were your key takeaways?” I thought I would share some of the highlights and key conversations that emerged.

Greg Kaplan
Bluewolf and SteelBrick Transform the Employee Experience with Next-Gen CPQ Apps
Steelbrick, CPQ, Bluewolf

At Bluewolf, we constantly strive to make the customer experience meaningful — oftentimes, that starts with transforming the employee experience. The more engaged employees become, the more value they provide to their customers. 

Deandra Tan
Marketo's May Release Gives More Creative Power to Marketers
Marketo May Release

Waiting on the edge of your seat for Marketo’s May release notes? Well, now that they’re finally out, I am excited to break down the highlights. May brings some great additions for maintaining campaign quality, plus a very welcome level-up to their Real-Time Personalization platform. Without further ado, here are the highlights from the May release:

AJ Bellarosa
Your Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Connections 2015

Get the most of your experience at the digital marketing event of the year.



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