Bluewolf Beyond

Bluewolf Beyond gives you ongoing access to the experts you need to continuously innovate in live cloud environments.

With cloud applications, implementation is only the beginning. To maximize value, you need a process to prioritize and execute meaningful change that engages your employees and customers. Without an effective process organizations often struggle with new Salesforce clouds and releases, the pace of organizational change, and changing customer expectations.

Bluewolf Beyond is a consulting practice dedicated to helping clients manage live environments of Salesforce. We provide a complete consulting solution for driving innovation across live environments, with access to all the resources and experts your company needs to stay ahead of the competition.

We drive results for our clients by offering:  

  • One primary contact with on-demand access to every skillset within Bluewolf
  • A technology-driven method that prioritizes changes based on business value and establishes a rhythm of releases appropriate for your business 
  • A local team that crowd source knowledge and skills to optimize agility  
  • A scalable, flexible program that adapts to your business over time  

Salesforce is our core competency. We work with hundreds of global clients, helping them add value and innovate, react to market changes quickly, and establish Salesforce as a solution that will help them engage customers, and stay ahead of the competition.

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