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Yesterday, Bluewolf announced a partnership with Informatica, a longtime leader of data and integration software, and a firm that

One of the most common struggles between sales and marketing is seeing eye to eye on defining and measuring marketing influence on revenue and pipeline.

Online customer communities exist for a variety of reasons. A company that wants to reduce tech support costs might set up a forum to connect with their customers. Another might set up a LinkedIn group to allow their customers to share best practices.

Today, the power of shaping brand experiences has shifted to the customer — they drive the sales process and dictate when, where, and on which channels to interact with your brand.

Check out these Marketo updates to user permissions, email deliverability, and program management — and don’t forget to assign your five free Marketing Calendar licenses by September 5th.

The influx of marketing automation tools nowadays selling their ability to show "Closed Loop Reporting" marks marketers' growing emphasis upon proving value. These metrics are the holy grail for any marketing department, as ROI is ultimately what matters.

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